ToborFX is the World’s Best MT4 EA

It’s advanced strategy exploits the mean reverting nature of Forex markets. This FULLY AUTOMATED robot gives stable returns with low risk hence is suitable for new as well as pro traders. Get the highest returns every single time in any market condition even during high impact news events.

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genuine verified past performance


We boast a winning track record with verified Myfxbook accounts. These are 3rd party verified independent claims.

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ToborFX best selling mt4 ea


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How the ToborFX robot works:

This EA is programmed with a very advanced and sophisticated logic in Mean Reversion trading strategy. Analyzes and trades only on high probability entries. Once entered closes the trades in averge profits only.

Advanced lot sizing and money management based on analysis of huge data points. It’s tested on years of data.
There are also adjustable settings and preferences based on users choice, interest and risk tolerance levels.

Keep withdrawing profits!

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Check Proofs of  ToborFX Making Profits Everyday!

1 Month Subscription

$59.00 $49.00
  • Fully Automated Strategy
  • Live Chat Support
  • 1 MT4 Live License
  • Free VPS for 1 Month


$299 $179.00
  • Fully Automated Strategy
  • Full Customer Support
  • 1 MT4 Live + 1 MT4 Demo License
  • Free VPS for 1 Month
    (renewable @10$ / month)
$419 $299.00
  • Fully Automated Strategy
  • Full Customer Support
  • 1 MT4 Live + 1 MT4 Demo License
  • Free VPS for 12 Months
    (renewable @10$ / month)

Why ToborFX is THE BEST MT4 EA?

genuine verified past performance

Verified Past Performance

We boast a winning track record with verified Myfxbook accounts. These are 3rd party verified independent claims.

Live Video Proof

Live Video Proofs of profits

Visit our Youtube website where we upload daily Live Video proofs of our Live trading accounts multiplying profits.

ToborFX customer support

Full Customer Support

Installation Video guidance, responsive support team, remote desktop help, VPS and regular updates with profitable settings.

High Returns Low risk

A good strategy has low drawdowns and supports low initial balance. ToborFX does exactly this and makes High returns month on Month.

Why Traders Trust ToborFX?

Easy one time setup

Easy one time setup

We provide easy video setup guide and are always there to help! Geting started is easy. Lifetime license, install only once.

No Emotional Stress

#1 reason for losses is Emotions.
ToborFX removes all stress and emotions from your trading. Setup and forget!

Proven Fully Automated strategy

Most manual traders lose money. Transform your overall trading by shifting to Automated trading. We have proven a strategy which works day and night.

Low capital

Low Capital

ToborFX has such low drawdowns that you can start with a capital as low as 20$ also. No big risks to start. Test it and then increase capital once you are confident!

Check Proofs of  ToborFX Making Profits Everyday!

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toborfx profit past performance

Check Live Video Proofs of  ToborFX making Profits on our Youtube Channel!

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How do I trust that your robot makes money?

You should not trust anyone blindly. Hence we offer you to check our myfxbook profile. This is a 3rd party verification service extensively used by forex traders.
Also we offer you to check our youtube/telegram channel showing profit videos.

Can I run this on a Mobile?

You cannot install MT4/MT5 EA on a mobile phone.

ToborFX EA works on either MT4 or MT5, which require a PC, MAC or VPS.
However if you do not have a computer, you can run it on our VPS!

Do I need to run ToborFX 24*7

Yes. You need to keep the MT4 switched on and connected to internet 24*7 to run ToborFX. That is why we offer free VPS for the 1st month.

This way you can finance your VPS from the profits earned in the first month itself.

Can I use any Broker to trade?

Yes, ToborFX is compatible with all Forex brokers on Mt4 and Mt5 platforms.

What is the Maximum Drawdown of your robot?

Our backtests and live accounts show a max drawdown of 25-30%. A healthy drawdown ensures optimum returns. You can reduce lot size to get even lower drawdowns based on your comfort.

What is the minimum amount required to trade?

You can start with capital as low as 20$(2000 cents) in a cent trading account per pair. In a standard account you need a capital of 2000$ per pair. You will get there once you gain confidence in the smart profit making abilities of our robot!

Thus Tobor is suitable for both very small and very large account sizes.

Can I get a trial or demo for a few days?

Yes, we offer a 7 Day trial on a demo account. Try first and buy later.
You can even chose your own broker.

Am I paying for a lifetime license?

Yes. This is a one time fee for a lifetime license. There will be no extra hidden costs.